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Goods and Services Tax (GST)



Goods and services tax (GST) or is otherwise known as value added tax (VAT) in other countries, is an indirect, multi-staged tax that is based on value added concept and is levied on the final consumption of goods and services. Although GST is not levied on businesses and is therefore having less of an impact on business profits and business decisions, businesses are likely to face increased burdens in the forms of higher administrative costs and heavier penalties for errors. Given its potential impact on businesses upon implementation, businesses are advised to be made aware of its impact and to plan in advance of its implementation to cope with the challenges it brings.


Below is a sample list of services that we offer in relation to GST:

  • Training and seminar

  • Advisory

  • Registration for GST on behalf of businesses

  • Preparation of monthly accounts and submission of GST return 

  • Claiming input tax

  • Advise on special refund of sales tax 

And many more

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