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Goods and Services Tax - Practical Accounting Principles
We are offering a workshop to develop your working knowledge on GST accounting. While Customs approved software is essential in keeping and processing financial data, it is not a means to replace human judgments.
The workshop is available on demand at any time during weekdays subject to a minimum of 4 participants per class (maximum: 6 participants). Please note that should you register as a group for less than 4 persons in any single session, we would offer the session to you together with other participants.
Please note that there is no designated software for this workshop as operational accounting rules apply to all software. 
We welcome you to share with us your doubts and problems in GST and we would love to help you, during and after the workshop!
Please click here to download the brochure for this workshop.
If you are interested in our first workshop: Developing a Working Knowledge in GST, please have a look at our brochure here.
You could choose to complete the form below to register for the course or alternatively, you could call us to complete the registration.

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